Party Blanco
Party Blanco is a new political movement that wants to disrupt the 2024 federal belgian elections.
Party Blanco came to MyDigitalbizz as a new political movement in need of a web platform. Today we help them not only to put Party Blanco on the digital map, but are we also supporting them with their internal and external communication, branding, and fund raising initiatives.


The objectives for Party Blanco were simple:  to gain maximum visiblity on the internet with their message. In order to do this, we set out a strategy on several fronts:

  • Build a simple but effective website that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly
  • Manage all the internal and external communication in the most efficient way possible
  • Use this visiblity to collect a maximum of funds in order to drive the initiative forward.


We started with the website. As the budget was limited, we kept the site as simple as possible, and focussed on the clarity of the message. Also we made sure that the site would be found easily by visitors using search engines.

The next step was to organize internal & external communications. For this, we proposed HubSpot CRM. Using HubSpot, we centralized all user data (potential candidates, newsletter subscribers…) so we could easily communicate with everyone and drive traffic to the website

Finally, we focussed on funding. We created a crowdfunding page on the website, so that visitors could contribute an amount of their choice.


Today, the Party Blanco website receives hunderds of visitors a month, and they have collected more than 6.000 € of funding thanks to the funding campaign on the website. They also manage their candidates through HubSpot and send marketing emails through the system.


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