Awarness website to showcase SDG implementation accross 14 countries
Q-CONNECT is an European leader in reliable and affordable workplace solutions. In partnership with Cojak, we build an awareness website to put a spotlight on how Q-CONNECT is implementing SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) into their business across 14 countries. This journey is called Q-CONSCIOUS.


In order to support Q-CONNECT’s Q-CONSCIOUS journey, we set out to create an awarness website that explains how Q-CONNECT is implementing SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) across their product range. This website should be SEO optimized and give a clear overview of Q-CONNECT’s SDG’s, showcase the products that have been labelled Q-CONSCIOUS, which means that these products are considered in accordance with their SDG’s.

Q-CONNECT’s main website is a created with Drupal and cannot easily be expanded, so we proposed to create a separated domain (q-conscious.q-connect.com) using WordPress.


We agreed to build a mini website in WordPress. One important challenge is that we needed to translate the website into, in total, 9 european languages so all the involved member countries, 14 in total, could put the Q-CONSCIOUS website to good use.

Together with the Q-CONNECT team and our partner COJAK, we created a mockup design for the site, gathered content and translations from the member countries and brought everyhting together into q-conscious.q-connect.com


The results is a clear and focussed awarness website that engages the visitor.

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