We created a dedicated job website for Mirto
In an effort to improve Mirto's employer branding, we created a dedicated jobsite on a dedicated domain werkenbijmirto.be (work at Mirto). Mirto is looking for a diverse type of employees, and werkenbijmirto.be needed to reflect that reality.


Mirto’s mission is to allow people that have a difficult access to the jobmarket to work according to their capacities. One of the big challenges they experience is to reach their target workforce. In order to convey a clear message to each type of worker, we decided to create a dedicated website that would contant all the necessary information for each type of worker.

Another objective was to create a streamlined applicant workflow, meaning that applicants had to have a consistent experience during the entire application process, up to the hiring fase. We decided to integrate werkenbijmirto.be with HubSpot, so that all applications could be managed and followed up in a single interface.



In order to create a jobsite that fits 100% with Mirto, we needed to start from their real business needs. So the approach was to collect all the wishes and requirements. We understood pretty quickly that the jobsite needed to be

  • Easy to access and navigate
  • Have dedicated areas for each applicant type
  • Have an easy to understand application process

We decided to create a custom jobsite in WordPress connected to a dedicated HubSpot CRM. We chose HubSpot as the CRM to store applications because

  • Mirto already uses HubSpot as a lead management & marketing tool and is familiar with it
  • HubSpot’s free tier has all the needed functionality Mirto needs to manage their applicants


Werkenbijmirto.be is now live. We created a site that has a general homepage and landing pages for each type of applicants

  • Maatwerkers
  • Maatwerkcoaches
  • Ondersteunende diensten

Mirto can post jobs and change the content (pictures, text…) of each page through the administration interface.

The site is custom build (no pagebuilders, no plugins) and very fast. Needless to say, Mirto is happy and so are we!

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