We implemented a new look & feel for Yokuu's webshop that significantly boosted their conversions.
Yokuu proposes cleaning products that use the cleaning properties of natural bacteria. We created a new design for their Shopify webshop that significantly boosted conversions.


Yokuu’s webshop runs on Shopify and needed a profound redesign in order to

  • Simplify the product pages and that static content pages
  • Increase conversion rates: from product page to cart, and from cart to checkout
  • Increase the speed of the shop
  • Increase SEO visiblity of the shop


Together with our partner Cojak, we created a brand new look & feel for the shop. We focussed on making the overall experience much more streamlined.

  • A coherent design for the product pages
  • Clear order buttons with consistent design across the entire website
  • SEO optimized structure for URL’s and blog content

We also needed to ensure other country domains (yokuu.de, yokuu.fr, yokuu.nl…) would function properly within the same Shopify instance.




The new Yokuu website immediately resulted in an increase in conversions:

  • In the first month after go live, core conversions (add to cart, reached checkout, sessions converted) increased 128%
  • The organic visibility of yokuu.be also started also to increase significantly after the design change


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