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Listen to your business objectives and goals.
Plan out the work to be done in order to achieve them.
Measure performance using KPI’s and deliver results.

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We take the time to listen your business objectives and goals. This allows us to define together a set of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will be critical to measure success after the go live of your project.



In order to deliver your project efficiently, we build a clear and effective project plan that will guide
us during the implementation phase. This is a key tool to be able to deliver on time, within the scope and on budget.



Getting the project live is only the
first step. We use the agreed KPI’s to measure the performance and the results of your project, and to improve your results over time.


The mission of MyDigitalBizz is to help companies to maximise the results from their web presence and digital marketing activities. In order to achieve this, we work together with a series of business partners and collaborators.

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Plan based

The project plan will vary depending on the services we implement, and on your particular needs as a customer.
As en example, this is flow representation of what a project plan for a corporate website could look like

1. Kick Off

A meeting to agree on the different practical aspects of the project plan


In a physical or online meeting, we agree on different practical aspect of the project plan: the work to be done, the timing, who is responsible for what, what are the risk and dependencies we need to take into account, and most importantly, what is within the scope of the project and what isn't.

2. Requirements & design

We gather all the needed input, such as the design and functional requirements


Together we define all the requirements for your future corporate website, such as the need for different features (customer cases, blogs, team overview pages, landing pages for campaigns...) . Together with our brand partner Cojak, we bring all of this together in a detailed mockup design. This design mockup will allow us to make sure we are building exactly what you need.

3. Implement

Our developers go to work and code your website according to the agreed specifications


Once the design mockup is signed off, we move to the implemenation phase. Our developers go to work and code your corporate website according to the design specifications. Once the development is done we present the result to you and gather your feedback. This feedback goes into a correction round. We repeat this loop until you are fully satisfied with the result.

4. Content input

Texts, images, videos and other assets are integrated into your website


Once the development is ready, we can start entering the content, adding images, videos and other media. We make sure that all content entered is optimized for search engines. If this project is a migration from a previous website, we also make sure that all the old URL's resolve to their corresponding URL's on your new website to avoid search errors (404's) on search engines.

5. Test & train

We extensively test the website and provide user training


In this stage, your website is fully ready to be tested end to end. We check every functionality and use case, test for speed and performance, and ask you to do the same on your end. We also organize a training session so your able to update existing content and add new content as you see fit.

6. Go Live

We do all the necessary actions to put your new website live


We are finally ready to go live. Depending on the size of the project this might require a migration of the development to the production environment, but can also be as simple as flipping a switch. After the go live, we provide post go live support and monitoring to ensure everything is running smoothly.


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Jack, the force behind Cojak, isn’t just a brand strategist; he’s your partner in crafting memorable brand experiences. Committed to boosting your brand, Jack believes in making your mark matter.

With a keen eye for detail and simplicity Jack sees potential in every company to leave a lasting impact.